Welcome to IT

Over the next two years you will learn a lot. You must work hard and utilize the resources provided for you to do well.



You should check the announcements forum regularly for updates and messages from the teachers. All activities sent to you must be completed, regardless which teacher sends it.

You will not see and will not be able to access any activity that is not for you.

The announcements forum is used to post important announcements to the class as well as notes.

Recommendation for CXC

In order to be recommended to Information Technology in CXC, students must meet all of the following:

  1. Pass the practical component (score more than 60 % on the SBA) by 1st September
  2. Maintain a monthly test average of more than 80%.
  3. Complete at least 75% of all the activities in this course.
  4. Maintain 90% attendance at class